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Address Assignments


(Monday through Friday- 8 am - 4 pm)


Several years ago, the White County Commission and Sparta Board of Mayor and Aldermen passed resolutions that all residences and businesses would be properly addressed to accommodate the new emergency number, 9-1-1.  Those local governments delegated the addressing responsibility to White County E-911 as a means to equitably provide all city and county residents with proper numbering and street/road/lane/etc. assignments. Roads were named and a numeric system for structures was put into place.


The ultimate purpose is to ensure safety and security at every residence and business with timely, accurate emergency response should any of the county’s or city’s Emergency Service Agencies be needed.  White County E-911 uses proprietary GPS technology to assist in carrying out the addressing function in a manner that is consistent with addressing guidelines throughout the state of Tennessee.


If you are building a home, setting a mobile or modular home, or you have property that requires an address, we will be glad to assist you.  

To have an address assigned, call 931-738-8653 between the hours of 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Central Time, Monday through Friday.


The required information you will need to provide is:

   1. Name and phone number of Caller (and name and phone number of person   address is for, if different than caller);

   2. Road/Street name where property, structure or business will be located, including description of property (i.e.-            subdivision, farm, acreage, etc.) and, if available, Lot number, Map and Parcel number, and/or Plat number;

   3. Where the driveway is located and if it has been marked; and

   4.Brief description of building site and type of structure.


Your residence or business is addressed by where your driveway is located, not the actual structure.  Before calling for an address, you should mark or stake out where the driveway will be.  It is also helpful to have the structure staked out, so that we may correctly include it in our mapping system.


There are times when a Private Lane must be assigned.  The guidelines are:

  1. There are more than two addressed structures on one driveway;

  2. The structure being addressed is more than 1,750 feet from the main roadway; or

  3. The structure being addressed is not visible from the main roadway.


When a new private lane must be assigned, the requesting party is asked to provide three possible lane names.  The names are then compared with all other private lane, road and street names to make sure there is not a conflict with any existing names.  The offices of the county executive and the local postmaster are also contacted to verify no conflicts exist.  When a private lane is assigned, the residences of that lane are responsible for the upkeep of the lane. Private lanes are marked with a blue sign.


Official county road names are approved by the White County Commission.  Official city roads and streets are approved by the Sparta Board of Mayor and Aldermen. Such official roads are marked with green signs.

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