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White County E-911 paved the way by being the first center in Tennessee to have a NON-EMERGNCY three digit line. By having this feature the citizens of White County from a LAND LINE PHONE ONLY can call the 911 center for NON EMERGENCY reasons. From Cells phones this feature will not work you will have to call 931-738-7114 for NON-EMERGENCY reasons. White County 911 answer over 60,000 inbound calls a year with this number increasing each year. By having the NON-EMERGENCY lines this greatly assist our dispatchers with call handling.

By using 911 in White County we are able to provide you with any service regardless of what your emergency is. By having 911 this prevents our citizens from having to dial multiple numbers trying to get help. White County E-911 receives on average over 800 911 calls a month. Ranging from animal calls, to wrecks, to medical call, and house fires this is only a few examples of the type of calls we answer.

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